Se spune că frumuseţea nu este neapărat într-un obiect sau într-un om, ci în ochii celui care priveşte. Iar dovada clară sunt oamenii din galeria foto de mai jos, care dau pe-afară de frumuseţe atipică. Probabil unii ar include trăsăturile lor speciale la capitolul “defecte”, dar nu credem că greşim dacă spunem că aceia sunt pur şi simplu hateri.

Nu crezi? Vezi cu ochii tăi!



Who do you love? Are you for sure

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Model: @asimasefic Photo by: @maja_topcagic #portraitsfromtheworld

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You wear that gold coin around your neck because it looks cute, I wear my Lira around my neck because it is a huge symbol of female independence in my Greek Cypriot culture. I have rewritten this caption far too many times because it sounded either too aggressive, or too passive. I just don’t want to see anyone online confronting others for trying a tradition of another culture and labeling them with appropriation. When I see comments labeling me as a “white girl appropriating Frida” I find it incredibly narrow minded and ignorant. In Ancient Greece a unibrow was a symbol of beauty. Women actually stuck hairs between their eyebrows to achieve the look. Fast forward to the times of Frida Kahlo, and it became more popular. Since then there have been numerous other people who have embraced their unibrow. Frida was not the first, and trust me she will not be the last. I wear my coin for different reasons than you do, but it does not mean you can’t wear your coin. Open your mind before you open your mouth.

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