Iarna e cel mai bun moment să te gândeşti la un "refresh". Şi cum cel mai la îndemână e să-ți schimbi coafura, hai să-ți arătăm ce spun stiliştii că se va purta anul ăsta!

Totul e să te ajute şi dotările. Ia vezi, care te inspiră?

Lob sau long-bob va fi peste tot anul ăsta. Cel puțin aşa ne spun stiliştii

Lob cu breton e o variațiune care se anunță, de asemenea, de succes.

Tunsorile şi coafurile în stilul anilor '80

Final walk #31philliplim Women's #SS17 Collection #nyfw

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Buclele afro. Dacă eşti creață de la natură, ai noroc! Dacă nu, sigur găseşti tu o soluție, împreună cu stilistul tău.

1-"My Lifelong Insecurities"| I always remember being hyperaware of the way that others viewed me, even from a very young age. In early elementary school, I was severely bullied for being mixed, for the way that I looked, and for my hair. I was bullied enough to where my mom had to change my school. Thus, believing that people hated me, pulled out a knife on me, and spit in my face because I wasn't "perfect" in their eyes, I always made it my mission to strive to fit in and look perfect! But as I got older, life would seemingly laugh at me with this pursuit for "perfection". As I aged, I would soon develop MANY imperfections: my adult teeth coming in EXTREMELY crooked because of my massive teeth and tiny jaws, a really early menstrual period with "nothing" to show for it (My body was literally as straight as a skinny stick, even years after my period 😩), broken off hair from chemically straightening/ flat ironing it, AND THEN getting severe and disfiguring acne (RIGHT after I big chopped and so..I truly had nothing to "hide behind". My acne literally felt like it had its own spotlight 🔦😑). Every time one thing got better (I got my braces off), another problem would seem to pop up out of nowhere (I developed cystic acne). It seemed like the "Never Ending Story". I'm not ANYWHERE near perfect today, but now, I no longer wait for some indefinite milestone until I feel that I deserve happiness. I am starting to learn to accept my circumstances and myself RIGHT NOW, as if I CHOSE THEM. And man do I have to tell you how freeing the mindset is of "unconditional self-acceptance and self-love" regardless of how I look or how other's view me!! But more than anything, I realized that I deserve to feel worthy, happy, and fulfilled TODAY... and not tomorrow, or when I finally become "perfect". It's been. journey, but I'm starting to love and embrace my imperfect self more and more everyday! #jewesjournal

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Tunsorile "periuță" revin în forță. Asta dacă nu ai curaj să te tunzi "zero".

Birthday Girl 😜 Makeup 💄 by @priscillaono @esteelauder @flirtcosmetics Launch #flashyourflirt 😍

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